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vineri, 20 septembrie 2013

My scalping strategy

Saclping strategy performance   I begin this series of post in english on my blog, hopping that my strategy, wich I use on the daily basses, will be a usefull tool for your battle on the market. This scalping strategy is performing well into a quiet market such as Tokyo session and in the early hours of London session. For a disturbed market durring the news or for a chopy market, the strategy must be adjusted. This is the subject of another discussion in the next week on my blog. For the time beeing I will discuss abouth this strategy in a low-volatility market at a 50 pips top-range.
    The pair is eur-usd and the time-frame which I use is 15 minutes. The two positions, one for long and one for short, happens at a allmost one day distance. The first was on 18th of september right before the news at  12:45 pm and the second was yesterday at 12:00. My setup for the strategy containts the Ichimoku indicator and the CCI. The setup for this two indicators is presented in the following images:
Ichimoku scalping strategy

Scalping with Ichimoku indicator

Forex scalping strategy with Ichimoku and CCI

   As you can see in these images I use Ichimoku only for the parameters Tenkan-sen and Kijun-sen, I don`t use the clouds of this indicator. The CCI it`s used at a 30 period and the +100,0,-100 levels is necessary  for identifying the orvesold or overbuy levels.
   The risk-reward ratio for this strategy in a quiet market is 20 -20 pips. The next chart shows the first entry who took place wednesday at 12:45 pm:
Forex my own scalping strategy
   The entry point of the trade is at 1.3357. The signal that I use is the crossing of the two parameters of Icimoku, the green one must be above the red one and also the CCi must be over the +100 level. The target, as you can see , was hit rapidly and the trade was succesfull. The secod trade was a short one. The entry point was at 1.3528 whith the same risk-reward ratio, 20-20 pips to be more specific. The green indicator crossed whith the red one and the red stays above the green this time, also the CCI must be under the - 100 level. The trade worked well. The chart with the trade is  the next image:
My best scalping strategy on Forex
    The main signals for the strategy are the crossing of the two parameters of Ichimoku and the value of CCI must be under or above -100 or +100 levels. For a short position the green Icimoku must be under the red one and vice versa for a long position. The CCI must be above the +100 level for a long position and for a short position must be under the -100 level. Also, the candle must be closed above green Ichimoku for long and under red Ichimoku for a selling position. Remember that the strategy works only for a quiet market, for a market with high volatility the strategy must be adjusted. In the following weeks I will discuss about this adjustment. I wish you a succesfull week on the market, be free to try my strategy and if you have questions to ask, do not hesitate to ask me.

P.S: The next chart shows the performance of the strategy in the last two days whit the setups that I just discussed and the setup for a high volatility market that I will discuss another time.

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